Generally quite scruffy, what with being a peasant and all.


he is boring who cares about peasants anyway


Sefton comes from Mahlandor (plotjacking YES). His mother died when he was very young, and so he was raised entirely by his father. They owned a small farm, making just enough to get by. However, their lives were not made much easier by their king being a huge douche all the time. Sefton's father became a part of a small band of peasants forming some kind of secret underground resistance/rebellion thing. He too became a member in time, and generally shared the same views. But apparently it turns out that Theo doesn't really like people plotting to kill him and stuff. So when someone informed the higher powers of their plotting, it didn't really go down too well. Most of the members of the rebellion were sent to the dungeons/killed/etc as an example to everyone so they know that sort of thing isn't cool. Although Sefton managed to escape getting caught for this, his father did not, and was killed. He was understandably rather upset about this. With his hatred now made personal (and knowing who had betrayed them), he attempted to regroup people again. The whole killing as an example thing apparently worked though, as nobody wanted anything to do with these ideas, or anyone behaving so openly defiant. Also it was much harder to get enough work done living on his own, and he struggled to get by.

And then he went and sat in the corner and angst angst angst

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