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Archer ______

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Above shoulders, flicks out at ends

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Archer is a guy who comes along later. Keran punches him in the snout to establish superiority and then he joins the party. (Like a pokemon)&nbsp


His clothing varies a lot, but he tends to favour waistcoats and the colour blue. He likes fancy clothing that makes him look posh, but due to generally not having the money, he doesn't own much like this. One thing that remains generally consistent about his outfits is that he will wear shirts a few sizes too large, or at least those with sleeves too long for him. If forced to wear shorter sleeves, he will tend to bandage up his right wrist or something similar to cover the mark that was branded there.


Although he is a pirate ixi in colouration (at least when he is a furry), Archer himself is not a pirate. He technically was for some time, but he deeply regrets that and does not identify as a pirate at all. He was raised in his youth to have strong morals of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'. Although this was quite some time ago and the lines have been blurred somewhat to him, he still retains a level of this idealism. Life with smugglers and pirates taught him to con people, steal and lie. As such, some of these traits have become somewhat second nature to him. He compulsively lies sometimes, mostly to cover up something he has done or something he is ashamed of. These are never particularly big or unbelievable lies, just white lies to keep himself from trouble. Often there would be no trouble or punishment should he tell the truth, but he feels the need to lie just in case. Unfortunately for him, he often ends up digging himself into holes this way, whilst trying not to get caught. He isn't too happy about this habit of his either and tends to feel very guilty when he conciously realises he has been lying to people, especially if they are people he considers himself to be close to. Guilt is something that comes quite easily to him, whether it be for something he has said/done, something he could have done, or even things that happened long ago. His overactive conscience usually kicks in a little too late, leading him to make bad decisions and regret them for some time after. Its possibly this that contributes toward his insomnia - he often finds it hard to get to sleep because of all the thoughts in his head.

He's not really a bad guy though. Despite his bad points, he is actually very friendly and quite easy to get along with. Archer is one of those types of people who look and act approachable, and so meets and falls into conversation with new people quite easily. He always acts cheerful around company, and is fairly capable in social situations. In fact, sometimes he can be a little too nice, as he tries very hard to please others. Though he may act a little fake at times, when it really comes down to it, he will stand up to protect what he believes in and those he cares for.


Archer was the first child to a couple living in a small town on the coast. When he was seven years of age, his sister Lily was born. He instantly assumed the role of the caring elder sibling, looking after her whenever his parents were busy or working. They was never really wealthy, just about managing to make enough to get by.They were good parents though, always managing to spare time for their children and raising them to be well behaved and respectful.

Unfortunately, when Archer was eleven, there was a large fire that broke out one night. He managed to escape the house with Lily, but his parents were not so lucky. Orphaned and homeless, the two had no choice but to live on the streets. As the fire had destroyed a large area in the town, there was a great community effort around it at first. People were willing to help out those affected, and so people around town would offer the siblings food or a place to stay. However, nobody was willing or able to take them in and as time went by, they became slowly forgotten about and charity was much harder to come by. They would do small jobs and run errands in return for small change or a meal, but even this became harder as time passed. They were far from the only homeless children around, and as news of their circumstance became less well known, people tended to presume they were less trustworthy and more like the other troublesome street kids. Archer was a good little boy though, and knew his right from wrong. He refused to turn to theft as a means of getting by. But without that, people's charity or work, it was a bit tricky really :I

Then one night, he got an offer from a rather shifty looking man. Just a simple delivery errand, but no questions to be asked, no peeking at the goods and no mention of this to anyone else. Archer knew that the man was up to no good and didn't want to get involved at all, but he did desperately need the money that he was being offered in exchange for this and so reluctantly accepted. Leaving Lily in a safe hiding place so as not to get her involved, he carried out the instructions exactly as given to him. He was given his pay as promised, as little as it was, and went on his way very quickly, hoping that ordeal was over with. They encountered the man again later though, and a similar proposition was made once again. This arrangement continued many times, ferrying packages, letters and messages between people in exchange for small money. Being both untrusting and curious, Archer was not happy with this set up. His curiosity got the better of him eventually though, and he began to eavesdrop more on the people he was working for, whenever the opportunity to do so arose. He learnt more about them and what they did - smugglers, con men. The details were vague, but he was able to piece together enough of the picture to understand. He was simply the messenger boy. A young child, ignorant to their plans, not so noticeable and above all, expendable. Upon working this out, he no longer had any desire to work for them at all. No only was what they were doing dishonest and wrong, but getting involved put him and Lily in very real danger.

When he ran back to fetch Lily from her safe hiding place, the man was waiting for him. He had been caught evesdropping and now his sister had been taken. He promised to never speak a word of this to anyone else as long as she was returned to him safely, but the man would not agree. He needed to ensure that Archer would continue to work for them, as having a small child to sneak around was of great advantage to them. If they wanted to ensure he kept his mouth shut and didn't mind him not working for them, they would simply have him killed. Using Lily's safety as blackmail, they managed to keep Archer working for them and were also able to force him into doing jobs such as theivery which he would not have even considered normally.

Of course, with these new responsibilities to the group, he became more involved in their plans. Although he was never happy with the illegal dealings, he began to justify them. Surely the rich didn't need all of their money, especially compared to people like him with hardly a penny to their name. Should they be tricked out of some, they would understandably be upset, but they would still be rich. Phrased this way, many of the dealings did not seem as bad. There was a certain thrill in his jobs as well, sneaking about, stealing, cheating and not being caught. He began to stay with the group and discovered that aside from doing bad things, they weren't really bad people. He became fairly close to a few of them over the long time he spent as a part of their gang (a few years in total). He and Lily were fed and had a roof over their heads, so things weren't looking quite so bad anymore. Eventually, they were no longer being held there against their will, this became their life. The different jobs he undertook often began to involve travel, which was Archer's first taste of sailing. As a young boy he had always imagined what it must be like to sail a ship, and he found that he greatly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, unknown to Archer, the group had managed to trick a gang of pirates out of a rather large sum of money. Foolishly they thought that they had gotten away with this (they didn't). Out at sea, the ship was borded and they were attacked. They could not simply be paid back for what they had lost, the pirates wanted vengeance. The relatively small group was easily outnumbered and overpowered. Archer ran and hid like the little coward he is, but was found. He begged and pleaded for his life, he had nothing to do with the scam and would do anything they wanted. Somehow the Captain spared his life, but had effectively sold his freedom to them. At fifteen years of age, Archer became a pirate.

This was most definately not the nicest of times for him. Easily the youngest and lowest ranked out of all of them, the other members of the crew would generally kick down and take their anger out on him. He was handed the worst tasks and jobs to do. Where he managed to justifty his morally wrong actions before, he could see no upside to piracy. All actions were purely selfish, stealing for the sake of stealing, often causing harm for the sake of it. He had to get away and find Lily - she had been left to await their return, and nobody had come back for her. Archer worried for how she would fare on her own, but escape seemed near impossible. He made one attempt to get away, but was caught. He was punished severely, beaten and branded with the captain's mark across the back of his right wrist, a permenant reminder that he was their property.

Over time, he became more settled and used to this, but was never happy. Eventually his talents for being a sneaky little bastard were noticed, and he began to be assigned slightly better tasks, usually as a lookout or scout. It was on one job he was on as a lookout that he managed to mess up fairly badly. This particular night, he was not his usual stealthy self. He managed to instead clumsily attract the attention of guards nearby, who had the opportunity to then take the pirates by surprise. This suprise attack completely threw everything, many pirates getting killed or captured. In the chaos, they scattered. They lost sight of the captain in the rush to escape, and he managed to get left behind. Archer had no intentions of fighting his way out and knew all too well the punishment for piracy. With no intent to die any time soon, he ran.

And he actually made it. After all these years, he was actually free. He slowly made his way back to his hometown, with intent to find his sister once more. However, nobody had any idea who he was, let alone who his sister was or where she might be found. It had now been several years since they last met and truthfully he couldn't give an exact description of her. Anywhere he thought to check was empty or abandoned, and beyond that, he had no idea of where to find her. SAD TIMES.

So for a while he just sort of prats around with absolutely no aim in life considering he had never really planned any further ahead than "Find Lily". But then things happen.



dont do that you will upset him
also you will get it stuck in my head for the next FOREVER

... That was the reason I put it there D:

you wanted to UPSET HIM??? cruel twisted woman


he might have been branded and beaten a bit or something but i think he likes remaining alive at least



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