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Word StoryEdit

Everything here really sort of starts off with Keran
He was born into a very posh sort of upperclass home, an only child. Manor house, servants, all that jazz. He was always fairly disruptive as a younger child though, quite possibly due to (undiagnosed) ADHD or something similar. He is very easily bored and if left with nothing to do, will probably just end up doing pointless destructive things to keep himself entertained. Luckily, his family had plenty of things to keep him mildly busy, and his parents were willing to pay for any hobby (within reason and decency) that he felt like taking up, as it would keep him out of trouble. Because of this, he is fairly good at a number of things that never really seem to end up being of much use to him, such as horseriding and being fairly talented at playing piano. He's actually quite intelligent, soaks up knowledge and information very well and can learn new skills fairly quickly if they interest him. However, anything that doesn't hold his interest, he won't really pay attention. His education was entirely homeschooled and he spent most of the time being thoroughly bored. One of the few things that caught his interest was learning about world geography, other places and countries that he hadn't seen before. This sort of sparks his adventurous side, and he is determined to go on ADVENTURES and visit all of these crazy new places. Unfortunately, his parents are less keen on the idea of him running off around the world on his own...

Keran's best friend couldn't really be that much more different from him. They met around 13 years of age when he was pratting about in the town. Feeling particularly alert, he happened to actually notice when another boy attempted to pickpocket him. The boy is Benn, a homeless kid who lived on the streets around there. He used to live on the streets of another town, but moved over to Keran's home town as he had heard this was a rather rich town full of fancy people. He was mostly correct in hearing this, but didn't quite factor in the fact that they don't really take kindly to his type. Whilst the majority of people here had money to spare, none really felt like actually sparing anything for him. Even his fairly proficient pickpocketing skills weren't good for much, as it is fairly hard to purchase anything when everyone knows you are a little streetrat theif.
Stuff happens, they talk, they meet a few times. They don't become 'friends' as such for quite some time, if anything they are slight rivals. Benn makes a game out of attempting to steal from Keran. This quite annoyed him for some time, but eventually became more of a game on both ends.

Keran ends up finding a fondness for Benn purely because he is so much more entertaining than the boring upperclass people he is normally made to socialise with. Benn teaches Keran tricks such as how to pickpocket, something which he finds more fun for the thrill of doing it than for the actual rewards he can steal. Generally following this you have ANTICS, as ths two get up to all sorts of mischief. They still aren't the most friendly of friends though, Keran is still a massive douche and will remind Benn that he is worthless whenever he feels like it. If any of their hijinks go a little wrong, Benn is the perfect scapegoat - anything he says would be entirely ignored against anything Keran would say due to their social standings. They continue to hang about with each other from time to time though, Benn because he appreciates having someone to hang around with and Keran because this is just so damn amusing. Even if he doesn't show it most of the time, he does rather like Benn as a friend. Around the age of 16 or so, Keran starts to become more rebellious toward his family. He has a much lesser interest in sitting about and being fancy or whatever they wish him to do, and would much rather just run about and make a nuisance of himself. Only small things, but he doesn't behave exactly the way they want him to. He spends less time at home or being social with people his family approve of, and more generally loitering about town I WONDER WHY

Then generally some stuff happens, generally inconsequential hijinks and all of that. But by the time he is 18, Keran is about ready to up and leave. He's never been too far from home, and wants to get out and ~see the world~. Around the same time, word reaches his parents that he has been seen hanging around with Benn and his just isn't cool with them. He's pretty much grounded for this, which being him, he does not enjoy. So he packs a bag and runs off one night to go do as he pleases. In a not particularly well planned move that was likely made up on the spot, he sneaks off, goes to find Benn and then commandeers himself a small ship. And they sail away to have their ADVENTURES. (despite the fact that benn says this is a very bad idea and does not want to go. to be honest, when the theif says that stealing something is a bad idea then it is probably not the smartest idea you have come up with)

So they've managed to get out of port just about, but to be honest neither of them are exactly sailors. Keran has a rough knowledge of how things work but pretty much no actual hands on experience. Benn on the other hand uhh I wouldnt trust him to work out which end of the ship was the front if it weren't moving. But they manage to do pretty well considering. And then suddenly some other guy appears on deck and the two of them are like WUT. After a bit of confusion over who is attacking who, it turns out this guy actually doesnt really seem too worried that the ship has been a bit hijacked and says he will just go back in the hold and be unobtrusive if Keran and Benn don't want him to be there. Whilst they contemplate wtf to do with this dude, he points out that it is quite likely that they are headed for some rocks around this area that will run them aground. Although he doesn't like to speak up against the judgement of the guy in charge, a fact which he seems to accept quite easily, its probably better if they don't crash or whatever. Together they fix this problem and then it is decided that perhaps having somebody around who actually knows what they are doing with sailing isn't really a bad idea. Keran decides to let him stay as a part of the crew. Damien has joined the party!! Turns out he was one of the men crewing the ship, but apparently unlike the other men, chose to stay onboard overnight.

Anyway they sort of prat about at sea for a day or so in which they learn that it is still pretty hard to sail all that well with only 1 1/2 people knowing what they are doing, and it is decided that having a small crew would probably be a good idea really, especially if they intend to go on proper expeditions to far away places and crazy stuff like that. During this time, it is also learnt that Benn gets pretty seasick at times and Keran is amused.
SO they go pull into a nearby port town and stuff to go look for crew people for hire. They leave Damien on board because this is what was agreed, Keran makes it clear to him that he is not very good at stopping ships from being stolen and could he please try a little harder this time because he would like it to still be there when he comes back.

They end up finding two people, Rose and some guy who I never actually found a name for. I don't have pictures for either of these guys though so you will have to use your imagination a little harder pls Rose is actually kind of tall, long reddishbrowngingeridk wavy/curly hair, slightly freckled, well endowed in chest department etc. She was found in the tavern quite possibly selling rather questionable services which is a thing that shall never be mentioned on neopets. She was never really meant to be allowed to join because quite clearly all ships have big invisible NO GIRLS ALLOWED signs on them so she should just go away and do something girly instead but she sort of hired herself really. It wasn't really much of a "hello do you want to be in my crew" "okay" and more like a "hello i will be on your crew" "oh no you won't" "I THINK YOU'LL FIND I WILL" and then they couldn't get rid of her because she is a stubborn cow with pms all the time

The other dude would not have joined their crew at first really because when you have a pair of teenage boys pratting about and claiming to be in charge of some kind of ship and hiring and stuff, then you don't really take them very seriously. But then he sort of took them so un-seriously that it seemed like a good idea. Basically when you are looking to be acquiring a ship for yourself and you are presented with an opportunity to join the crew of a rather naive looking teenager then this suddenly seems like quite a good opportunity indeed OH NO THE FOREBODING (this man is up to things) but despite probably looking shifty, Benn and Keran decide that this guy is probably useful to have around because he has quite a lot of sailing experience and stuff, but he only agrees to work for them if he can have a decently important place in the crew. so keran ends up demoting benn from whatever he was before so the new guy could be important. to be honest it probably wasnt the brightest idea to make benn the navigator though
oh well its not like they knew where they were headed anyway


Alternatively, tl;drEdit

Keran is full of teenage angst and rebellion and wants to go see the world and be an EXPLORER. So he takes his buddy Benn and they steal a ship and go to sail away and have ADVENTURES. On the ship they meet Damien who is sort of a stowaway but not really because he was supposed to be there and they weren't. They keep him around because he is cool like that, then go to hire more crew people. They go look around a nearby port town place and find Rose and this guy.

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